How Capillary Helps KFC Harness the Power of Their Customer Data

To reach its target audience more effectively the brand needed to understand its customer' behavior and the relevant benefits that
excited them. Capillary’s Intelligent Customer Engagement™ solutions helped KFC gather deep insights about each of their customers who
ordered food from their restaurants every day. This helped the brand intelligently plan and execute its direct marketing efforts that reduced cost,
personalized customer experience and improve revenue growth.
Capillary Helps Retailers Improve Customer Experience

Retailers today realize that Customer Experience drives brand loyalty and loyal customers generate majority of the revenue. However, most
marketers don't know where to begin and get personal with their customers. Capillary helps retail marketers just like you build analyze and manage your customer data to derive insights that empower you to build targeted engagement programs. These programs help you step up
your customer experience through personalized programs and build better brand affinity.
Monetize customer data with personalized marketing campaigns

How do you win back customers?
With Capillary, you can monetize customer data and collate new information from all channels. You can find tune your campaigns to
suit what your customers love. This translates into real business value as you deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer

10,000 stores big and small reaching 100 millions users worldwide have been powered by Capillary