Why You Need Self-Service Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence tools are all about empowering the employees in an organization to make data driven decisions as opposed to relying solely on gut. This implies that CI tools must be self-serve. But what does “self-serve” really mean? Make the information easily consumable A TDWI Research Report says 83% of the respondents in a BI survey said easy access to information makes BI attractive for them The trick here is to understand your target audience. CI tools are created by software developers and deployed by IT folk within an organization. But ultimately, to be useful in a retail organization, they [...]

The Ultimate CRM Strategy: Personalization

In my earlier blog entitled “What your Mother Never Told you About Customer Relationship Management,” I shared my thoughts about what Customer Relationship Management means to me:  At the heart of it, I believe that CRM is about forming one-to-one interactions with each customer.  Of course, such a level of personalization, while powerful in forming and managing relationships with customers, can be difficult given that each retailer can have hundreds of thousands of customers visit at any given day.  At the CRMC show, I sat in on some of the sessions such as Ted Rubin’s session on the importance of [...]

The Future of Personalization For The Ever-Connected Consumer

This is the era of connected retailing. Consumers today have consciously embraced the need to be forever connected – with one another and with the brands they patronize. Shopping has moved beyond the physical store and everyone has access to their favorite products right at their fingertips (literally!) through their smartphones. With advanced technology at their disposal, consumers are redefining their own personal shopping experiences, and retailers are challenged to match up to their expectations by creating more personalized brand communications at every point of sale. The future of retailing as we know it has reached a tipping point already [...]

How Apple Passbook affects your Loyalty Program

Apple announced its new Passbook feature with the new iPhone5 and iOS6. Needless to say, it will have a never before impact on the way loyalty and mobile phones play together by the sheer scale of the iPhone/iOS universe. Never Before Engagement: Most retail mobile applications see far less engagement than we would like – and Passbook will change that. It is automatically available for all iOS 6 (iPhone 3GS and above). The fact that there are an estimated 7 Million iPhone devices active in the U.S. alone will have a tremendous impact on its adoption and engagement. The One [...]

Winning with the Hispanics

The Hispanic community today constitutes over 16% of America’s population with their strength in the LA area pegged to be almost at 49%. It is not only a segment that most marketers can’t ignore, rather it is won that marketing organizations need to prioritize and focus on. CPG and retail marketers would do well to take note of this very diverse and growing segment of the population and craft strategies to make an impact within this consumer demographic. Capillary’s clients in South East Asia, Middle East, India and South Africa has lead to us having a solid understanding of the [...]