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To Burn And Not Be Burned – A Tale of My Favorite Loyalty Programs

With the proliferation of loyalty programs, I’ve learned that there are really good programs and ones that can lead you astray.  From a points perspective, you must look at both the earn and burn equations.  The earn is the amount of points you can obtain for your loyalty initiatives.   A traditional example is one point per dollar for spend in a retail store. However, many companies offer bonuses for certain behaviors you do.  For example, the Best Buy Reward Zone will give you 2.5 points per dollar if you use their credit card for Best Buy purchases.  In another example, [...]

How Apple Passbook affects your Loyalty Program

Apple announced its new Passbook feature with the new iPhone5 and iOS6. Needless to say, it will have a never before impact on the way loyalty and mobile phones play together by the sheer scale of the iPhone/iOS universe. Never Before Engagement: Most retail mobile applications see far less engagement than we would like – and Passbook will change that. It is automatically available for all iOS 6 (iPhone 3GS and above). The fact that there are an estimated 7 Million iPhone devices active in the U.S. alone will have a tremendous impact on its adoption and engagement. The One [...]