Capillary Social Connect

Capillary’s Social Connect consists of a set of customizable tools to connect customer data and allow retailers to glean insights from across the web, social media and the store. By connecting a customer’s interactions across multiple channels and creating an integrated view, retailers are better able to understand shopper behavior.

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Social Connect

Customer acquisition, social couponing and 1:1 Facebook targeting

Convert fans into brand ambassadors. Use Capillary‘s templatized apps to quickly deploy fan-gating on Facebook. Leverage targeted couponing over social media, to drive traffic to your stores and e-commerce sites.


Landing Pages and Social Logins

Get more from a single click. Incent customers to engage easily with your brand on a single click using pre-authenticated campaigns. More customers, better data and higher returns – made easy for you!

Customizable social apps flows

Easy plug and play apps. Use our customizable applications to collect feedback, get referrals and update customer profiles.


Data enrichment capabilities

Enhance the value of your data. Keep your customer data updated with easy to implement features like account area on your web and/or Facebook pages and landing page campaigns.

Deep CRM integration

Connect social to store. Capillary’s Social Connect is integrated with the Capillary Customer Engagement Management platform, making customer data from multiple channels available at a single platform. Now drive seamless omni-channel experiences effortlessly.


Single system or record to manage all CRM and social media activities
Enrich customer data and obtain better customer profiles
Get more referrals from customers using Capillary’s social media apps
Feedback and customer satisfaction campaigns to monitor and enhance
Measure social media success and ROI effectively

Capillary Intelligent Customer EngagementTM Suite

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