Capillary Lifecycle Marketer

Capillary’s Lifecycle Marketer adds the critical ‘time’ dimension to your communication by running event trigger campaigns. Proactively extend offers at a customer’s important milestones such as birthdays/holidays and maximize your CLTV with our marketing intelligence models. Talk to customers when they want to buy and not when you want to sell.

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lifecycle marketer

Predictive Intelligence

Deliver better, faster. Understand your customer’s needs, before they themselves do. Segment and micro-segment customers to trigger personalized engagement models and achieve higher response rates, sales and ROI.


Automated Campaign Execution

Win more, with less effort. Spend more time on strategizing future marketing moves and less on campaign execution, with our automated offer generation and communications engine.

Adapt and Accommodate

Analyze, Adapt and Achieve. Enable 1000s of campaigns at any given point of time, to accommodate for likely changes in customer responses and buying pattern. Leverage true marketing automation for better engagement.


Measurable Metrics

Make your money count. Track your campaign performance and lifecycle ROIs, at any stage of your campaign, for any specific offer, for the entire campaign or for any defined timeline.

Omni-channel Campaign execution

Engage efficiently. Capillary lifecycle marketer assesses the ‘Right channel’ by analysing your customer behaviour and responsiveness, to effectively communicate across the customer’s preferred medium


Automatically triggered campaigns for specific behavior
Keep your customers engaged through remarketing frameworks
Effective ROI measurement at all stages and all levels
Integrated with Capillary’s Omni-channel Intelligent customer engagement suite

Capillary Intelligent Customer EngagementTM Suite

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