Capillary Campaign Manager

Powered by our customer analytics, Capillary’s campaign manager is a closed loop marketing automation solution, that lets you create relevant and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns. Use emails, mobiles, social media and in-store outlets to run relevant campaigns for customers.

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Targeted marketing and personalization

Enjoy higher responses. With insightful customer segmentation using consolidated data and intuitive analytics. Our CRM integrated platform minimizes data hassles and lets you run relevant and personalized campaigns.


Cross channel marketing

Be where your customer is. Reach your customers through the channel they prefer. Run your campaigns using either or all of email, mobile, social media or website and be where your customers are.

Real-time measurement and ROI

Go beyond just tracking click rates. Stay on top of each of your campaigns with automated test and control, real-time reporting and ROI mapping. Campaign attribution could not get easier than this.


Multiple engagement options flexible business rules

Run different campaign types with ease. Design and execute your outbound, bounceback, referral and in-store campaigns, all from our Campaign manager platform. Use business rules to manage offer redemption based on days of the week, time, participating stores, caps on purchase amount etc.

Dynamic segmentation

Segment your customers dynamically, right at the heart of the action, using incisive filters to slice and dice. Create segmented lists, save them as sticky lists and use them for easy follow-up reminders.


Customer analytics for increased personalization
Compatible with existing gateway provider
Automated opt in and opt out management
Integrated with your CRM, enabling one-click campaign
Connecting the dots across multiple channels for higher performance

Capillary Intelligent Customer EngagementTM Suite

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