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Every holiday countless retailers and retail associates sacrifice valuable time with their loved ones to ensure that their customers have a wonderful day. This New Year, team Capillary wanted to do something special for those hardworking retailers. Here is our way of saying thank you!

The Chinese New Year celebration is all about sharing laughter, fun and good fortune with loved ones. We wanted to extend that wish to the people who may not get thanked on a daily basis but who play a big role in making our holidays memorable. To the cashier who covered me when I was 50 cents short, the barista who knows my coffee order by heart, and the sales associate who folds the copious amounts of clothes that we try on and don’t purchase; we appreciate it all! 

We hope you love the video as much as we loved putting it together. If you do, please pay it forward and give an extra thanks to one of the everyday heroes in your life. Take a selfie with them, share it with #CNYThankYou and tag 3 friends to do the same! Every selfie will be entered into a raffle to win a few awesome prizes; an iphone 6, 3 ipad minis and 100 selfie sticks!

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All too often we are too focused on our own priorities and schedules to say a simple ‘thank you’ so say one today!


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