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Why India is reinventing its traditional distribution networks

This article originally appeared on 28th July 2017 issue of the Financial Chronicle On the first of July, after a lot of excitement, confusion and concerns, GST has finally been rolled out all across India. The path breaking and highly anticipated tax reform which was in the works for at least a couple of decades is expected to greatly simplify the ease of doing business in a similar manner across the length and breadth of India. While the myriad of benefits due to GST and the complications that it entails in changing of systems and processes have been debated at [...]

Don’t WannaCry? Ensuring retail cyber security in an omnichannel world.

These days, most of us can’t go without the internet for even a moment. Last Friday, for many, their worst nightmare had come to life when they turned on their computers. Hackers, who call themselves the ShadowBrokers, had managed to infect more that 200,000 devices, across 150 countries with the aptly named ransomware, “WannaCry”. WannaCry utilizes a vulnerability in certain Microsoft Windows systems which allows it to gain access and encrypt all data contained within, effectively turning the devices into expensive bricks. The malware then demands payments in BitCoins to decrypt the data and return access. Almost every possible vertical [...]

The State of Omni-Channel Retail in India-Part 2

  Author: Abhijeet Vijayvergia, VP-India and South-East Asia, Capillary Technologies. My previous post addressed the present landscape, target markets point of view , web rooming, show rooming , marketplace and single brand eCommerce related omni channel retail trend in 2016. In this post I would be mainly addressing the major missing piece of the puzzle -the technology challenges and the digital trends that has affected the omni channel retail trends in India in 2016. Technology challenges continue to derail the omni channel retail adoption rates Providing omni-channel customer experience has become a critical factor to differentiate brands. Effective omni channel strategies [...]

The State of Omni-Channel Retail in India- Is it time yet?–Part 1

Author: Abhijeet Vijayvergia, VP-India and South-East Asia, Capillary Technologies. "I want us to stop talking about digital and physical retail as if they're two separate things. The customer doesn't think of it that way, and we can't either,"-- Doug McMillon, CEO Walmart. This quote clearly sums up the way ahead for omni Channel retail in India. Omni-channel has been the buzzword in the Indian retail world for quite some time now but omni-channel remains largely uncomprehended or misunderstood by the retail industry in India. The bigger question remains if it’s the right time for the Indian retailers and consumer goods [...]

Designing Loyalty Programs for an Omni Channel Customer

Author: Amrutha Aprameya, Product Marketing Manager, Capillary Technologies. Does your loyalty program and customer engagement programs account for changing customer preferences? With over 7 billion global cell phone subscribers and nearly 1.7 billion active social media accounts online, the world continues to rapidly digitize. With the ever demanding customer expectations, retailers need to continuously innovate with technological solutions that go beyond the online transactions. As a retailer, you can leverage the ubiquity of mobile phones and the growing popularity of social media to ensure customer satisfaction while driving footfall and conversion rates. So let’s ask the key question: Does your [...]