Nuances of Email Marketing; Part 2 The Email Sending Infrastructure

Email marketing is a key tool in today's digital marketing and customer loyalty landscapes. It is an essential marketing tool for retailers to reach their consumers effectively without cluttering their private time or space. In the first post of this series we discussed Email Lists. The Email list is often where you start the campaigning. It’s important to ensure that it belongs to your active consumers who are interested in receiving the content in your emails. That post was all about optimizing the email ids in your list to ensure your emails were going to the right people and getting [...]

Nuances of Email Marketing; Part 1 The Email List

Email marketing is no longer only a tool used by spammers trying to trap hapless email users into clicking and buying their product with misleading information. Today, it is an essential marketing tool for retailers to reach their consumers effectively without cluttering their private time or space. Email is a very busy platform and therefore your marketing email has to prove its usefulness at many junctions before it reaches your consumers to actually claim their attention. This will be the first of a series of 3 blogs diving into the nuances of email marketing. There are a few different practices that [...]

What to Expect At Retail’s Big Show in 2015

Every year the retail industry descends upon New York City and spends four days networking, exploring and sharing the newest and coolest technologies in the industry. This year will be no different. From January 11-14, 2015 retailers from around the globe will be searching the EXPO halls of the NRF for the perfect solutions. This year, the focus seems to be heavily on consumer loyalty and mobile operations including; digital shopping, the internet of things, and omni-channel retailing. Our team is excitedly preparing for Retail’s Big Show, which has frequently been ranked as one of the Top 200 events in [...]

Using Insights to Drive Customer Engagement (Webinar, Sept 11)

Data empowered companies are disrupting every industry. The capture and analysis of customer data allows retailers, restaurants and grocery stores to dominate their markets and better engage their customers. A great example is in TechCrunch’s recent article on how Pizza Hut saw a 12x return on ROI based on their marketing insights from customer data. “Take Pizza Hut, for example. In 2013, the international franchise enjoyed a 12x return on ROI thanks to its partnership with customer analytics company Capillary Technologies. Capillary helped capture, structure and leverage large quantities of customer data, but more importantly, they helped Pizza Hut take its massive customer base and [...]

Why You Need Self-Service Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence tools are all about empowering the employees in an organization to make data driven decisions as opposed to relying solely on gut. This implies that CI tools must be self-serve. But what does “self-serve” really mean? Make the information easily consumable A TDWI Research Report says 83% of the respondents in a BI survey said easy access to information makes BI attractive for them The trick here is to understand your target audience. CI tools are created by software developers and deployed by IT folk within an organization. But ultimately, to be useful in a retail organization, they [...]

Capillary Technologies Named as a Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution

We are pleased to announce that in June 2014, Capillary was selected as one of the 20 most promising digital marketing solutions who are at the forefront of tackling marketing challenges by CIO Review Magazine (Capillary is featured on page 30).  The selection was based on an analysis of over 300 companies focused on digital marketing solutions and is a recognition of our innovative digital marketing capabilities. Our main goal at Capillary is to help retailers understand their customers' behavior in order to serve them better. Our dashboards, campaigns and other engagement programs are pre-configured with their needs in mind in order to achieve [...]

Capillary Technologies Raises $14 Million in Series B to Enable Retailer Marketers to Intelligently Engage Customers

Quick Facts Raised $31 million in Series A & B led by Sequoia Capital and Norwest Venture Partners and others. Read the Series B press release. Double digit year-over-year growth in annual revenue since launching in 2008 150 enterprise brands as customers. Market leader in cloud-based retail customer engagement management: Retailers use Capillary at more than 10,000 stores reaching more than 100 million customers. Our customers have deployed more than 2 billion communications We have a 95% net renewal rate Number of data scientists that don’t need to be hired thanks to Capillary: 120 Team of 350 people with plans [...]

5 Ways To Make Your Season Sales Soar During The Lean Months

The word sales has appeals to just about everyone. And when preceded by the phrase end of season, it is highly irresistible. Whatever the season or reason, end of season sales are a most most anticipated event by consumers and merchants. I am personally a big fan of seasonal sales not only because I can shop more but also because I get to put my expensively favorite brands in my shopping bag without feeling so guilty about spending money. In fact, I'm saving money! The confirmed wallet-friendly brandoholic couldn't ask for more! Season Sales - Lifesaver of Brands? Products piled [...]

The Ultimate CRM Strategy: Personalization

In my earlier blog entitled “What your Mother Never Told you About Customer Relationship Management,” I shared my thoughts about what Customer Relationship Management means to me:  At the heart of it, I believe that CRM is about forming one-to-one interactions with each customer.  Of course, such a level of personalization, while powerful in forming and managing relationships with customers, can be difficult given that each retailer can have hundreds of thousands of customers visit at any given day.  At the CRMC show, I sat in on some of the sessions such as Ted Rubin’s session on the importance of [...]

3 Big Data Methodologies Every Superstore Must Deploy (Part 3/3)

As we learned in the two previous posts in this series, Customer Profiling and Merchandise Affinity are great ways for superstores to create unique customer segments and couple fast selling products with slow selling ones. Using these segments you can produce an increase in customer loyalty, a reduction in promotion cost, an increase in customer’s response to promotions, and an increase in overall sales. With the big data a superstore creates, there are a lot of methodologies which can be deployed to analyze all of it. Here I will be identifying the third and last data analytics method every superstore must deploy. Price Optimization: What [...]