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Chinese New Year 2015 Thank You To All! #CNYThankYou

Every holiday countless retailers and retail associates sacrifice valuable time with their loved ones to ensure that their customers have a wonderful day. This New Year, team Capillary wanted to do something special for those hardworking retailers. Here is our way of saying thank you! The Chinese New Year celebration is all about sharing laughter, fun and good fortune with loved ones. We wanted to extend that wish to the people who may not get thanked on a daily basis but who play a big role in making our holidays memorable. To the cashier who covered me when I was [...]

Free EPIC Big Data Marketing Webinar!

Strategies for improving customer experience using your marketing big data                     March 5th 2:00PM SGT/ 11:30AM IST Great brands don’t market, they build loyalty. When brands engage with customers across their preferred channels, customers become more loyal, make more purchases and become fans for life. By harmonizing all of the data a company collects, brands can learn exactly what their customers want to know from them, when they want it and what channel they prefer to hear it from. Big data is fueling the future of retail, and you need to make [...]

Capillary Technologies Excited To Be Named To Inc’s Innovative100

Capillary Technologies and our CEO, Aneesh Reddy are honored to have been recognized as one of Inc India's Innovative100! The Innovative100 aims "To identify and bring forward innovative mid-sized organizations and their leaders in India who through their innovative actions have introduced breakthrough changes in the Indian context and can become role models for others to emulate." Many thanks to the Inc India Team for the honor and recognition. Capillary strives to creatively push the boundaries of retail marketing through powerful big data analytics, in order to continuously improve our Intelligent Customer Engagement Suite. Inc India's goal to discover and celebrate leaders who are bold, unconventional, and disruptive, [...]

3 Common Pain Points From Retailers at Retail’s Big Show

Every year the retail industry descends upon New York City to share, debate, and collaborate on new innovative solutions for retailers at Retail's Big Show. We learn more of their pain points and challenges, and they discover better ways to analyze their data, communicate with customers, and improve their customer experience. This year we focused on ‘How to Be the Brand Customers Love’ whether that be through an improved loyalty program, more personalized marketing, or omnichannel engagement. Unsurprisingly we heard similar problems from various retailers over the past three days and were able to provide relevant solutions for them. Here are [...]

Using Insights to Drive Customer Engagement (Webinar, Sept 11)

Data empowered companies are disrupting every industry. The capture and analysis of customer data allows retailers, restaurants and grocery stores to dominate their markets and better engage their customers. A great example is in TechCrunch’s recent article on how Pizza Hut saw a 12x return on ROI based on their marketing insights from customer data. “Take Pizza Hut, for example. In 2013, the international franchise enjoyed a 12x return on ROI thanks to its partnership with customer analytics company Capillary Technologies. Capillary helped capture, structure and leverage large quantities of customer data, but more importantly, they helped Pizza Hut take its massive customer base and [...]

Capillary and Customers Recognized For Excellence In Customer Engagement Strategies

This summer Capillary has had a lot to celebrate. If you've been following our other posts you've seen us named as a Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution by CIO Review,  honored to be an AlwaysOn Global 250 Company, and raise $14 Million in Series B to further enable retailer marketers to intelligently engage customers! Well, we now have another accomplishment to add to the list; two of our amazing customers, Pizza Hut and KFC were recognized by Marketing Interactive last night, winning multiple awards for their accomplishments in creating loyalty and engagement with their customers. Best CRM Strategy: Gold - Pizza Hut Best [...]

Capillary Technologies Raises $14 Million in Series B to Enable Retailer Marketers to Intelligently Engage Customers

Quick Facts Raised $31 million in Series A & B led by Sequoia Capital and Norwest Venture Partners and others. Read the Series B press release. Double digit year-over-year growth in annual revenue since launching in 2008 150 enterprise brands as customers. Market leader in cloud-based retail customer engagement management: Retailers use Capillary at more than 10,000 stores reaching more than 100 million customers. Our customers have deployed more than 2 billion communications We have a 95% net renewal rate Number of data scientists that don’t need to be hired thanks to Capillary: 120 Team of 350 people with plans [...]

Customer Experience Moments of Magic: The T.M.Lewin Story

To win the heart of customers, and earn customer loyalty, retailers must create a positive customer experience, provide perfect customer support and more importantly create a brand in which people believe.  It’s all very simple. When people are delighted by the customer experience with a brand, they come back for seconds. When a customer believes in a brand, they deepen their engagement and act as loyal advocates. We all know the benefits of loyal customers … Ask someone around you, ‘Name a brand you love?’ I’m pretty confident you’ll hear the typical answers of Apple, Burberry or even Rolex, but how [...]

Welcome Govind Seshadri to Capillary!

I am pleased to announce that we have recently named Govind Seshadri as Vice President of Professional Services at Capillary Technologies. Govind has over 20 years of industry experience including 17 years in the US. His expertise covers consulting, systems integration and product development. In his new role at Capillary, Govind will lead the Delivery, Support, Analytics and Integration teams and over a period of time help expand the Consulting & Professional Services team. With the addition of Govind we are that much more prepared for growth and success in 2014 and beyond. Capillary provides multiple ways to deliver its Intelligent Customer Engagement Suite.  For those clients that want [...]

Capillary Technologies Welcomes American Express Ventures

At Capillary, we strongly believe that we’re known by the company we keep. So we consider ourselves highly fortunate that our ecosystem includes over 150 world-leading brands like Adidas, Benetton, Nicole Miller, Puma and Tennis Express; major partners like Blue Label and Abrar Telecom, who are helping us drive business in our newest market—South Africa; and marquee investors including Sequoia, Norwest, and Qualcomm, who are backing our vision of becoming the #1 provider of Intelligent CRM solutions to brands across the globe.  All these stakeholders know what it’s like to compete at the top of their respective industries and this [...]