Turn Store Associates into Expert Marketers

The importance of a great interaction with your Store Associate is often the difference between a window shopper and a customer. Also, seasoned retailers are well aware that the ideal time to engage with the customer is when they are present at the store and thinking about their products. This elevates the criticality of a trained and enabled Store Associate. In fact, research shows that the chances of in store up-selling and cross-selling are up to 3X higher – as opposed to other channels.

With insights from customer analytics, you can deliver an exceptional store experience and personalized recommendations at the point of sale or through Store Associates on the showroom floor. Whether a retailer has a luxury brand that warrants one-to-one engagement or is a mass marketer, having the ability to provide a better customer experience can create more loyal customers and earn higher revenues. For example, a study1 revealed that 86% of consumers will pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience.

Capillary’s strength in customer engagement helps meet challenges that today’s Store Managers face:

  • How can I provide instant gratification for my customers while they are in the store?
  • Which products are the most relevant for my customers and can increase their purchase amount?
  • How can I access, in real-time, the most relevant information about a customer to increase their engagement with me while they are in the store?
  • How should I reward my loyalty program members? Points? Exclusive offers? Discounts? All?
  • Which products should I offer to my customer to increase their basket size?

Simply put, our retail analytics help Store Associates form genuine relationships that can lead to brand advocacy through customers. That is the power of Customer Engagement Management at work.

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Create brand advocates by forming deeper in-store relationships

Learn how an integrated marketing platform powered by customer analytics can help Store Associates form deeper customer relationships in real-time.

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