We are invested in our partners’ success!

In a world where no one vendor can provide everything, partnerships and collaborations are key to continued success. As a product platform we understand that no two retailers want the same things.
No matter if you are a technology or service provider, or a reseller. If you are focusing on enabling true ROI for your customer, we are here to help you get there. We continually invest in creating technology that bridges our product portfolio with the solutions our partners deliver to our customers.

Join hands with us and to strengthen you customer relationships and advance your brand.


Unlock new revenue opportunities

Our ROI driven platform is one of the few comprehensive suites in the industry today. Just as we help our customers find hidden value in their customers, we can help you unlock new revenue streams by partnering with us.

Open standard APIs

Say goodbye to expensive bespoke solutions.Our open standards based APIs allow flexibility to better integrate into your customers’ ecosystems and their constraints in the most optimal way.Our APIs are vendor agnostic that allow greater use of automation and interoperability.

Continual product innovation

There is always something new to look forward to. We actively gather feedback from our customers and our products are updated frequently. We continuously rollout new features that help your customers better engage with theirs.

Multi-platform and multi-channel reach

Our multi-channel SDKs help you integrate easily with several popular eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Demandware. With our social APIs integration with popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a breeze. Our partners are using our mobile APIs to develop innovative programs such as in-store tablet clienteling.

Near zero time-to-market for your customers

Our customer engagement suite is a SaaS platform. Unlike other proprietary products, our products and solutions do not require any installations, updates or other custom IT services. Our fast, scalable, always updated solutions can be operational within a matter of days. This means near zero time-to-market for your customers.

Product and marketing support

We understand that our success depends on how you succeed. Which is why we assist our partners with joint marketing efforts that bring real value to their customers and augment our partners’ brand. Should you need help integrating with our products, our well-documented support can help you fix your issues expeditiously.