Are your customers loyal to your Loyalty Program?

Seasoned retailers understand that loyalty programs are one of the ways to reward their most loyal customers.

However, with a proliferation of many loyalty programs, retailers face the challenge of making their loyalty program stand outfrom others. Consider the following:Between 2006 & 2012, the number of loyalty program members in US has increased by 172%. However, only there was only a 2% rise in the number of active members between 2010 ans 2012. To counter the percentage of active members that are slipping daily, retailers are trying different methods to add sizzle to their loyalty programs to retain customers such as increasing benefits, offering exclusive access and conducting conversations with their customers through multiple platforms.

Power you Loyalty Programs with analytics

Keeping these facts i mind, our customer engagement solution uses customer data analytics to design loyalty programs that customers love and want to be part of. We understand that the challenge for retailers like you is to become more relevant to your customers and their wants and needs.

With Capillary’s insights-based approach, you can answer questions such as:

  • Who are my most loyal customers and do I understand their buying behaviour?
  • How can I encourage my high value customers to purchase more often?
  • How can I differentiate my loyalty program among dozens of other loyalty programs?
  • What type of incentives (exclusive previews, discounts or offers) would make me more relevant to my customer?
  • How can I best assess my loyalty program so I know what is working?

Simply put, we help Loyalty Program Managers and Marketers design and manage a loyalty program that understands what customers want and one that they actively use.That is the power of Customer Engagement Management at work.

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Manage the relationship with your most valuable customers and keep them coming back

Learn how an integrated marketing platform powered by customer analytics and behavioral data can help you manage your loyalty program and increase enrollment with a fast sign-up process.

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