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The State of Omni-Channel Retail in India-Part 2

  Author: Abhijeet Vijayvergia, VP-India and South-East Asia, Capillary Technologies. My previous post addressed the present landscape, target markets point of view , web rooming, show rooming , marketplace and single brand eCommerce related omni channel retail trend in 2016. In this post I would be mainly addressing the major missing piece of the puzzle -the technology challenges and the digital trends that has affected the omni channel retail trends in India in 2016. Technology challenges continue to derail the omni channel retail adoption rates Providing omni-channel customer experience has become a critical factor to differentiate brands. Effective omni channel strategies [...]

The State of Omni-Channel Retail in India- Is it time yet?–Part 1

Author: Abhijeet Vijayvergia, VP-India and South-East Asia, Capillary Technologies. "I want us to stop talking about digital and physical retail as if they're two separate things. The customer doesn't think of it that way, and we can't either,"-- Doug McMillon, CEO Walmart. This quote clearly sums up the way ahead for omni Channel retail in India. Omni-channel has been the buzzword in the Indian retail world for quite some time now but omni-channel remains largely uncomprehended or misunderstood by the retail industry in India. The bigger question remains if it’s the right time for the Indian retailers and consumer goods [...]

Tips and Tricks for Retailers to prepare for the Busy Diwali Sale Season

Author: Amrutha Aprameya, Product Marketing Manager, Capillary Technologies. With the onset of Diwali around the corner, as a retailer we assume you might have prepared your best to make the most of the festival sale season. Customers expect good variety and discounts but what truly gets their attention is when retailers try and exceed their expectations through personalization of orders and precision of delivery timelines. But its still worth an effort to review last year’s performance and identify new ways to get organized that can yield maximum revenues from one of the biggest Indian festivals of the year. Refer to [...]

How can you Influence A Retail Consumer’s Pre-Purchase Behavior-the Right Way ?

Author: Amrutha Aprameya, Product Marketing Manager, Capillary Technologies. Remember when marketers ran newspaper ads with discount coupons to encourage outlet visits? Customers had to cut and fill the coupon and present it at the billing counter. Such tedious tactics seem outdated in today’s digital world in order to influence pre purchase customer decisions. Retailers now have the privilege of personalizing coupons based on individual customer preferences by analyzing all the relevant data captured through the customer's buying patterns and purchase history. Each customer can then be targeted with personalized offers and recommendations based on specific insights. Advanced technologies can aid Retailers Identify [...]

Designing Loyalty Programs for an Omni Channel Customer

Author: Amrutha Aprameya, Product Marketing Manager, Capillary Technologies. Does your loyalty program and customer engagement programs account for changing customer preferences? With over 7 billion global cell phone subscribers and nearly 1.7 billion active social media accounts online, the world continues to rapidly digitize. With the ever demanding customer expectations, retailers need to continuously innovate with technological solutions that go beyond the online transactions. As a retailer, you can leverage the ubiquity of mobile phones and the growing popularity of social media to ensure customer satisfaction while driving footfall and conversion rates. So let’s ask the key question: Does your [...]

Showrooming and Webrooming – are they two sides of the same coin?

Image Source: Author : Amrutha Aprameya, Product Marketing Manager, Capillary Technologies The retail industry is going through a dramatic evolution with an unprecedented impact of technology savvy customers indulging in one-click purchases. From checking online reviews for products to comparing prices on different websites, consumers have multiple options at bay to keep retailers on their toes. Two principal phenomena that are defining the retail ecosystem today are ‘Showrooming’ – a practice of browsing products in-store but actually purchasing them online and ‘Webrooming’ – where shoppers research for products online but eventually purchase them offline in physical stores. Retailers across [...]

3 Reasons Why Webrooming Can Be Brick and Mortar’s Answer to Showrooming

With the emergence of e-commerce as a formidable channel of retail cannibalizing store sales, showrooming rose from being an "industry buzzword" to something that every brick and mortar retailer had to carefully observe. But is it really as bleak as it sounds for brick and mortar retail? - Let us scratch beneath the surface and look beyond buzzwords that seem to dominate conference conversations and examine the reality.   According to a study, during 2011, brick and mortar retailers achieved a 14x higher conversion rate than their online counterparts. - From Clicks to Bricks Driving footfall in-store through digital innovation.   While there [...]

Winning with the Hispanics

The Hispanic community today constitutes over 16% of America’s population with their strength in the LA area pegged to be almost at 49%. It is not only a segment that most marketers can’t ignore, rather it is won that marketing organizations need to prioritize and focus on. CPG and retail marketers would do well to take note of this very diverse and growing segment of the population and craft strategies to make an impact within this consumer demographic. Capillary’s clients in South East Asia, Middle East, India and South Africa has lead to us having a solid understanding of the [...]