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How Apple Passbook affects your Loyalty Program

Apple announced its new Passbook feature with the new iPhone5 and iOS6. Needless to say, it will have a never before impact on the way loyalty and mobile phones play together by the sheer scale of the iPhone/iOS universe. Never Before Engagement: Most retail mobile applications see far less engagement than we would like – and Passbook will change that. It is automatically available for all iOS 6 (iPhone 3GS and above). The fact that there are an estimated 7 Million iPhone devices active in the U.S. alone will have a tremendous impact on its adoption and engagement. The One [...]

Engagement in the “Instant” World

The most famous quote in retail world is ‘Customer is King’. But when she has a line of retailers as suitors, it is only natural that it will require a lot more than vanilla marketing to win her over. And just like everything in our lives, the loyalty program has to evolve to make more sense to today’s consumers. For most consumers, the world has become faster, with more choices, multiple channels competing for her attention as well as thousands of personal conversations brands have with her all the time. In this time, being able to break the clutter and [...]

The Evolution of Mobile Based Loyalty Marketing

Customer Engagement: a 21st Century Concept? Customer Engagement is the lifeline of retail and it has long been established that loyal customers form the bedrock of a profitable retail business. One of the first known instances of customer loyalty marketing dates back as far as 1793, when a US merchant started giving out copper tokens which could be exchanged for free items in the store. Gradually, the customer engagement efforts moved through time and space to create newer media to reach out to customer s, including Product Catalogues and Direct Mails and to the most modern ones – plastic cards, [...]