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Tips and Tricks for Retailers to prepare for the Busy Diwali Sale Season

Author: Amrutha Aprameya, Product Marketing Manager, Capillary Technologies. With the onset of Diwali around the corner, as a retailer we assume you might have prepared your best to make the most of the festival sale season. Customers expect good variety and discounts but what truly gets their attention is when retailers try and exceed their expectations through personalization of orders and precision of delivery timelines. But its still worth an effort to review last year’s performance and identify new ways to get organized that can yield maximum revenues from one of the biggest Indian festivals of the year. Refer to [...]

How can you Influence A Retail Consumer’s Pre-Purchase Behavior-the Right Way ?

Author: Amrutha Aprameya, Product Marketing Manager, Capillary Technologies. Remember when marketers ran newspaper ads with discount coupons to encourage outlet visits? Customers had to cut and fill the coupon and present it at the billing counter. Such tedious tactics seem outdated in today’s digital world in order to influence pre purchase customer decisions. Retailers now have the privilege of personalizing coupons based on individual customer preferences by analyzing all the relevant data captured through the customer's buying patterns and purchase history. Each customer can then be targeted with personalized offers and recommendations based on specific insights. Advanced technologies can aid Retailers Identify [...]