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5 Retail Metrics that Measure Success

Tips on Making the Most of Them (Part 1 of a Series of 3) As each holiday approaches and passes and retailers rush to measure success, an increase in sales shouldn’t be the only measure of success. Why? Retail metrics should measure many different aspects of a retailer’s performance from Cost per Acquisition and loyalty to the percentage of returning visitors. Here are five retail-focused metrics marketers should also maintain a healthy knowledge of to ensure they are focused on the right efforts. In future articles, I will discuss additional metrics that measure other parts of a retail brand’s business. [...]

Best Wishes For A Happy New Year

  Best Wishes For A Happy New Year  As we reflect on what successful retail brands have done in 2014, we have summarized our Top 5 findings to help you prepare for a successful 2015. Acquiring a new customer is 5 times more expensive than keeping an existing one. What To Do Then 93% of people rate the types of rewards offered as important when deciding to engage in a program. Read Why Omni-channel customers spend 208% more than customers who shop in-store only. Learn More   126% profit improvement over competitors, by companies that make extensive use of customer analytics. Learn [...]

What to Expect At Retail’s Big Show in 2015

Every year the retail industry descends upon New York City and spends four days networking, exploring and sharing the newest and coolest technologies in the industry. This year will be no different. From January 11-14, 2015 retailers from around the globe will be searching the EXPO halls of the NRF for the perfect solutions. This year, the focus seems to be heavily on consumer loyalty and mobile operations including; digital shopping, the internet of things, and omni-channel retailing. Our team is excitedly preparing for Retail’s Big Show, which has frequently been ranked as one of the Top 200 events in [...]

Top 4 Ways to Make the Most of your Mobile Marketing Strategies

There was a time when the concept of a cellphone was cutting edge. That time may very well have been a moment to connect the dots for Steve Jobs and other mobile device revolution pioneers. Mobile devices are now officially the most pervasive pieces of technology in consumers’ personal possession, as well as the most used piece of technology by consumers in a high percentage of contexts. For example, consumers can use mobile technologies both inside and outside stores to consume information and discover ideas. Retail stores in bustling cities are often full of active smartphone users, sometimes engaged directly [...]