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Not Just Numbers And Charts, Use Data Based Retail Strategies

Data based insights’ are the current buzzword for almost every industry right now. Be it retail, finance, aviation, real estate or media everyone is generating and analyzing huge amounts of data, and employing a team of analysts and consultants to come up with newer reporting metrics every day. Companies have also taken the next big thing of engaging with big data algorithms, statistical models and exorbitantly priced external consultants to hop on to the big-data-analytics bandwagon. How many companies are actually using data based retail strategies? The answer might surprise you! Only some big retailers are actually using the insights to [...]

Capillary and Customers Recognized For Excellence In Customer Engagement Strategies

This summer Capillary has had a lot to celebrate. If you've been following our other posts you've seen us named as a Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution by CIO Review,  honored to be an AlwaysOn Global 250 Company, and raise $14 Million in Series B to further enable retailer marketers to intelligently engage customers! Well, we now have another accomplishment to add to the list; two of our amazing customers, Pizza Hut and KFC were recognized by Marketing Interactive last night, winning multiple awards for their accomplishments in creating loyalty and engagement with their customers. Best CRM Strategy: Gold - Pizza Hut Best [...]

Why You Need Self-Service Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence tools are all about empowering the employees in an organization to make data driven decisions as opposed to relying solely on gut. This implies that CI tools must be self-serve. But what does “self-serve” really mean? Make the information easily consumable A TDWI Research Report says 83% of the respondents in a BI survey said easy access to information makes BI attractive for them The trick here is to understand your target audience. CI tools are created by software developers and deployed by IT folk within an organization. But ultimately, to be useful in a retail organization, they [...]