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5 Ways To Make Your Season Sales Soar During The Lean Months

The word sales has appeals to just about everyone. And when preceded by the phrase end of season, it is highly irresistible. Whatever the season or reason, end of season sales are a most most anticipated event by consumers and merchants. I am personally a big fan of seasonal sales not only because I can [...]

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Customer Experience Moments of Magic: The T.M.Lewin Story

To win the heart of customers, and earn customer loyalty, retailers must create a positive customer experience, provide perfect customer support and more importantly create a brand in which people believe.  It’s all very simple. When people are delighted by the customer experience with a brand, they come back for seconds. When a customer believes in [...]

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The Ultimate CRM Strategy: Personalization

In my earlier blog entitled “What your Mother Never Told you About Customer Relationship Management,” I shared my thoughts about what Customer Relationship Management means to me:  At the heart of it, I believe that CRM is about forming one-to-one interactions with each customer.  Of course, such a level of personalization, while powerful in forming [...]