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To Burn And Not Be Burned – A Tale of My Favorite Loyalty Programs

With the proliferation of loyalty programs, I’ve learned that there are really good programs and ones that can lead you astray.  From a points perspective, you must look at both the earn and burn equations.  The earn is the amount of points you can obtain for your loyalty initiatives.   A traditional example is one point per dollar for spend in a retail store. However, many companies offer bonuses for certain behaviors you do.  For example, the Best Buy Reward Zone will give you 2.5 points per dollar if you use their credit card for Best Buy purchases.  In another example, [...]

The Power of Connecting Brands With Customers

I recently came across this video on my Facebook wall and loved the way this group of musicians used Beethoven to pay homage to their city. What I also couldn't help noticing was the audience. All of them within a matter of seconds pulled out their phones and started recording. Why did they do this I wondered? Why would they start recording the performance and interrupt the magical experience they were encountering live? Then it occurred to me. Today, we love to share our experiences. We all like to constantly share the precious moments of our lives with our friends [...]

Offline & Online Mantra: One’s gain is the other’s gain too!

The retail universe is expanding and shrinking at the same time. Expanding thanks to a plethora of brands offering a range of lifestyle products catering to every age group. And shrinking because the divide between online and offline marketing channels is – well –distinctly a blur today. With digital and social channels having become an integral part of the traditional marketing mix, brands are going all out in all directions to drive more customer engagement through meaningful conversations; effect more conversions; and grab a larger part of the market share. Does this mean online marketing success has eaten into in [...]