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3 Ways To Improve Customer Engagement Today!

In the modern retailing era, creating great customer engagement has become a vital element for any retailer’s success. Most marketers have started tracking what the customer likes in their brand marketing plans around brand awareness and brand promotions every year. It’s a proven model that loyal customers can promote your brand much higher than traditional marketing promotions. In a few markets, customer acquisition is getting saturated and every new acquisition costs 5X dollars higher than retaining your existing customer. Hence, it is very important that you connect your loyal customer with the right set of product suites to enable them to [...]

Welcome Govind Seshadri to Capillary!

I am pleased to announce that we have recently named Govind Seshadri as Vice President of Professional Services at Capillary Technologies. Govind has over 20 years of industry experience including 17 years in the US. His expertise covers consulting, systems integration and product development. In his new role at Capillary, Govind will lead the Delivery, Support, Analytics and Integration teams and over a period of time help expand the Consulting & Professional Services team. With the addition of Govind we are that much more prepared for growth and success in 2014 and beyond. Capillary provides multiple ways to deliver its Intelligent Customer Engagement Suite.  For those clients that want [...]

3 Reasons Why Webrooming Can Be Brick and Mortar’s Answer to Showrooming

With the emergence of e-commerce as a formidable channel of retail cannibalizing store sales, showrooming rose from being an "industry buzzword" to something that every brick and mortar retailer had to carefully observe. But is it really as bleak as it sounds for brick and mortar retail? - Let us scratch beneath the surface and look beyond buzzwords that seem to dominate conference conversations and examine the reality.   According to a study, during 2011, brick and mortar retailers achieved a 14x higher conversion rate than their online counterparts. - From Clicks to Bricks Driving footfall in-store through digital innovation.   While there [...]