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3 Big Data Methodologies Every Superstore Must Deploy (Part 1/3)

Superstores are a complex set of stores to operate; they are a combination of a supermarket and a department store. Not only are hypermarkets massive with thousands of square feet in area, but they also have thousands of different products and are visited by hundreds of thousands of customers. With electronic POS software in nearly all superstores, they are now able to collect huge amounts of customer and transaction data, that’s truly big data! While maintaining the optimum supply chain logistics to optimize their operation, they also need to focus on the analysis of this data, which can help in increasing [...]

Capillary Technologies Welcomes American Express Ventures

At Capillary, we strongly believe that we’re known by the company we keep. So we consider ourselves highly fortunate that our ecosystem includes over 150 world-leading brands like Adidas, Benetton, Nicole Miller, Puma and Tennis Express; major partners like Blue Label and Abrar Telecom, who are helping us drive business in our newest market—South Africa; and marquee investors including Sequoia, Norwest, and Qualcomm, who are backing our vision of becoming the #1 provider of Intelligent CRM solutions to brands across the globe.  All these stakeholders know what it’s like to compete at the top of their respective industries and this [...]

Clienteling: Power to the Sales Associate

“ 92 % of companies recently surveyed by Forrester Research agreed that customer experience is a top priority, yet nearly half admitted that they don’t have the resources needed to give customers what they really want: personalization and convenience.”  -The State Of Customer Experience Management, 2013, Forrester, Nov 2013 We’ve entered the age of the consumer, where the customer is at the center of the retail universe, and data has made this possible. Customers are empowered with more information than ever before; with online stores, social media, and smart phones. Their expectations from in-store shopping experiences have changed, and so [...]