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Engagement in the “Instant” World

The most famous quote in retail world is ‘Customer is King’. But when she has a line of retailers as suitors, it is only natural that it will require a lot more than vanilla marketing to win her over. And just like everything in our lives, the loyalty program has to evolve to make more sense to today’s consumers. For most consumers, the world has become faster, with more choices, multiple channels competing for her attention as well as thousands of personal conversations brands have with her all the time. In this time, being able to break the clutter and [...]

RetailerSpeak: A Mobile loyalty platform allows us to keep in touch with our customers on a personal level

Vinay Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Maya by Gitanjali Positioned as a lifestyle store for the women, ‘Maya by Gitanjali’ has been constantly innovating itself to ensure customer delight. Vinay Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, speaks to ShopTalk about their loyalty program ‘Maya Club’, their in-store and social media campaigns and future marketing strategies. What motivated Gitanjali group to start a loyalty program? What were the key factors behind this decision? The purpose behind starting ‘Maya Club’ was to boost loyalty among our existing customers base and entice new customers as well. We had grown to a level where loyalty [...]