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The Evolution of Mobile Based Loyalty Marketing

Customer Engagement: a 21st Century Concept? Customer Engagement is the lifeline of retail and it has long been established that loyal customers form the bedrock of a profitable retail business. One of the first known instances of customer loyalty marketing dates back as far as 1793, when a US merchant started giving out copper tokens which could be exchanged for free items in the store. Gradually, the customer engagement efforts moved through time and space to create newer media to reach out to customer s, including Product Catalogues and Direct Mails and to the most modern ones – plastic cards, [...]

RetailerSpeak: A combined loyalty program proved to be more customer friendly

Rachna Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Indus League Clothing Ltd Last year, Indus League launched One League, integrating seven of its brands under one hybrid unified loyalty program. ShopTalk catches up with Rachna Aggawal, CEO, Indus League to know more about the program, its genesis and results so far… 1. Congratulations on the success of ONE League program. Can you tell us a little more about objective behind launching a unified program and the decision making process ILCL went through for it? One of ILCL’s key distribution channels is our own exclusive brand outlets.  We used to have different [...]